Our Executive

Nicole Lymburner


Prepares for and presides at all meetings, represents our council at other levels of the league, is a signing officer, informs the members of the League’s activities and position on current issues.

Celina Fernandes

Vice President

Promotes leadership and membership, performs the duties of the president in her absence or inability to serve, recruits members and maintains membership and performs other duties delegated to her by the president. 

Cathy Blanch


Maintains the financial records of this council, receives monies, pays all account/charities, prepares the budget with executive, is a signing officer.

MaryLynn Gantefoer 


Assists in preparing agenda, records minutes of the meeting, distributes previous minutes to members, lists all correspondence, is a signing officer. 

Past President

Alex Stansky 

Standing Committees

Rosie Ness


The chairperson shall evangelize,
promote spiritual growth and encourage
  • pray, individually and community
  • uphold the sanctity of life
  • study Catholic teachings
  • stress the importance of the role of women in church
  • promote activities in service to members, the parish and the community

Maria Valee


The chairperson shall encourage all members to
  • promote activities in service to members, the parish and the community 
  • advocate for and support services that include but are not limited to homelessness, human trafficking, poverty, bullying and racism
  • educate members about charitable needs, especially mission assistance at home and abroad

Alana Dockrill 

Social Justice

The chairperson, guided by Catholic social teaching, shall encourage all members to
  • uphold the life and dignity of the human person
  • advocate for the poor, the vulnerable and their inclusion in society
  • advocate for the dignity of work and the equal rights of workers
  • care for God’s creation
  • educate members and keep them informed of relevant social justice issues

Coleen Jo